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Huizhou Jinda Power Battery Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the high-quality suppliers in the battery industry in Guangdong Province, focusing on locomotive starting batteries, electric vehicle power batteries, energy storage backup batteries, and industrial instrument batteries for 20 years, and has been focusing on high-quality product supply and service.

Huizhou Jinda Power Supply Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and processing of batteries, ECG monitor batteries, motorcycle batteries, automotive starter batteries, pure lead winding batteries, solar street lamp batteries, industrial backup power supply batteries, power station energy storage batteries, communication instrument batteries, and other products, with a complete and scientific quality management system. Huizhou Jinda Power Supply Technology Co., Ltd. has gained recognition from the industry for its integrity, strength, and product quality. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide, and negotiate business.

Huizhou Jinda Power Supply Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in researching and producing various types of batteries and power supply products. The company is located in the state of Huimin, a civilized city in China.

Huizhou Jinda Power Supply Technology Co., Ltd. was first established by its founder and shareholder in Huizhou in 2007 as a power supply battery processing factory. In 2009, it established Jinda Battery Trading Firm (Jinda Battery Trading Company) and signed agreements with several well-known power supply battery brands. In 2013, due to the need for business development, it was officially upgraded to Huizhou Jinda Power Supply Technology Co., Ltd. In 2014, there was a registered trademark for the company. Jinda Power Supply Company takes battery production, battery research and development, as well as battery parts, electronic appliances, solar energy saving products, power supplies, and other products as its leading products; The products cover power supply, battery and other industries.

The company has gathered a large number of outstanding scientific research backbone and production and technical personnel, with advanced scientific research and production equipment. Taking full advantage of the high-speed information circulation channels in Hong Kong and Guangdong, relying on senior technical talents from universities in the mainland, and relying on years of experience in enterprise management and product research and development, we have introduced advanced production equipment at home and abroad, including battery power production equipment with power electronics technology, automatic control technology, precision measurement technology, mechanical manufacturing technology, and pneumatic and hydraulic technology. We have developed and produced multiple series of batteries Multiple varieties and series of products mainly including power supply products. These products have been successfully put into the market and have been recognized by the majority of users.

In order to adapt to the fierce competition in the market, we implement diversified operations and carry out industrial structure adjustment and optimization. Our aim is to meet the needs of customers to the maximum extent, and cooperating with customers to grow together is our direction forward. At present, we have established good relationships and reputation with hundreds of large and medium-sized enterprises at home and abroad, and are constantly adding new friends. Our timely, complete, and enthusiastic pre sales, during sales, and after sales services have an excellent reputation in the industry. We offer customers more than just products with excellent performance and reliable quality. More importantly, our customers and friends will feel our sincerity, clean and tidy, tense and orderly, united and progressive, and strive to improve the factory appearance, work style, and team spirit through our contacts.

Jinda Power Supply (Battery) Company implements full staff quality management and has passed ISO9001:2000 and ISO9000 system certifications, bringing the company's quality management level to a new level.

Jinda Power (Battery) will continue to provide better products and high-quality all-round services to friends from all walks of life. Jinda people are willing to work hand in hand with all friends at home and abroad to create a brilliant battery industry!

Introduction to product solution application functions:
1.Locomotive starting battery: designed according to the starting and lighting power requirements of various machines and vehicles. Suitable for use in various outdoor power equipment, as well as fuel vehicles, heavy trucks, agricultural vehicles, engine sets, motorcycles, all terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, and other harsh environments

2. Battery for electric vehicles: This series of batteries are specially designed and developed by Jinda Power for electric mopeds, electric tricycles, and electric vehicles.

3. Energy storage backup battery: Jinda Power Battery provides a complete set of energy storage solutions, providing a solid green energy guarantee. Provide effective backup power supply for global communications, power, railways, shipping, radio and television, UPS, digital and consumer products..

4. Battery for industrial instruments: A complete range of products provides safe and reliable green energy protection for various industrial scenarios. Application cases include communication base stations, data centers, UPS emergency power supplies, daily power tools, etc..

5.Intelligent energy: Focusing on the smooth demand for energy storage systems such as new energy, emergency power supply, peak shaving and frequency modulation, peak shaving and valley filling, and micro grid, relying on advanced energy storage technology, with efficient energy storage systems as the core, and distributed intelligent power as the direction, we provide customers with energy storage system solutions through integrated systems, collaborative innovation, scheme design, and engineering construction.



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