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After repeated outbreaks, we still stick to our posts to provide battery supply and technical support for various vehicles, unattended equipment and UPS energy storage

With repeated outbreaks, we still stick to our posts to cheer for China and Guangdong. Cheer for Guangzhou.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic mutation in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province has started or participated in the prevention and control of the epidemic. All cities have issued national nucleic acid, and we can clearly see that all regions, communities, villages and towns in each city have been informed to carry out national nucleic acid work. In Guangzhou, driverless cars and models have been used, and these high technologies are inseparable from durable batteries and mobile network signals.

These models and driverless cars all need batteries as power source. The base station transmitting tower of network signal also has 48 or 96 large capacity storage batteries.

There are many social vehicles, electric vehicles, cars, trucks need to use batteries. So we stick to our post and provide every customer with batteries, batteries, energy storage batteries, electric vehicle batteries, automobile batteries and truck batteries to ensure the basic needs of normal vehicles.

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